The association

Den gjenfundne tid

Time for me, time for you, music for everyone

The beginnings

Den gjenfundne tid is a Norwegian association, based in Stavanger, founded by two passionate amateur musicians, cellist Nirina Haller and violinist Renata Aradi. Since 2017, the association has been promoting a mixed musical practice, between amateur and professional, in a renewed spirit of the tradition of French salons. Our name is the literal translation of the last volume of Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time”: “Time Regained”.

The concert in the form of a musical lounge allows the public to meet the musicians during an aperitif offered after the concert; Children are invited to perform regularly in the first part. The association also supports collaborations between the arts: organization of the painting exhibition “Iceland dreams” at the Institut français in 2018 in the presence of the Franco-Russian artist Marina Haller, readings in French and Norwegian during concerts, such as during the 30th anniversary of the film “Tous les matins du monde” by Alain Corneau (based on the book by Pascal Quignard).

A collaboration has also been set up since 2020, with a collective of Norwegian artists (Salongen), who open their studio for concerts or allow us to animate their openings.

2023 is a milestone with our first international festival blending art and science.

Latest news

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Our actions


Concerts’ production is our core business. We always try to mix professionals and amateurs. We are grateful to have been able to showcase some chamber music concerts with musicians from Stavanger Symphony Orchester or Sandnes Symphony Orchester.

We are delighted to offer a stage to young talents from Stavanger University UiS or music conservatories across Europe ( France, Belgia). We also encourage our kids to perform in the first part of our musical salons.

We make you discover and meet unique artists in an unformal setting, like during this concert with virtuoso Sergey Malov. Do you know the instrument Sergey is playing?


Since 2017, we have always been committed to integrating children and young people so that they can discover the power of music either by listening to concerts or by playing themselves in our concerts.

We organize workshops with local or international professional musicians who present their instrument and repertoire (organ, clarinet).

Since the launch of the Reconciliation festival, we also started science workshops inspired by the vision of La main à la pâte, an initiative started in 1995 by Yves Quéré, physicist and godfather of the festival, astrophysicist Pierre Léna and Physics Nobel Prize Georges Charpak.

We bring music in your life !

We are convinced that Art can accompany us in our daily lives and that you don’t have to be “educated” in music to feel its power.

Beyond concerts’ production, it is also the values of the Reconciliation festival we try to live through the year. We do not need to give up the benefits of technology but what if we were trying to reconnect more to Nature and ourselves in the same time? What if music could pave the way to a happier life? Our facebook page and instagram account offer daily suggestions for a richer life in music and arts! You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive them directly in your mailbox.

Welcome to our community and discover the superpowers of music!

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